Komplikasi yang Meningkatkan Mortalitas Covid-19 pada Pasien Usia Lanjut

  • Tri Marta Dinata Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana
  • Wani Devita Gunardi Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana


Introduction: Covid-19 infection commonly does not cause severe ill for immunocompetent patients, but the opposite will occur in elderly and patients with comorbidities. In elderly, the risk factors highly increase to have severe complications which increase the mortality and morbidity rate. Therefore, the aim of this literature review is to detect what kind of complications of Covid-19 in the elderly that will increase the mortality of Covid-19 patients.
Methods: The literature had been searched by using scientific search tools, such as Pubmed, using the keywords "Covid 19" AND "Complication" AND "Mortality" AND "Geriatric". Furthermore, the collected articles were screened using the inclusion and exclusion criteria that had been set. The selected articles are reviewed to answer the objectives.
Results: After searching and filtering according to the criteria, six articles are  obtained for review. The results show that the most frequent complication causing mortality in geriatric patients with Covid-19 was Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) with a mortality rate that occurred up to 1,730 (81%) patients. Meanwhile, the most frequent comorbid in Covid-19 patients with a rising mortality rate is hypertension (75%) with the number of  2,080 cases.
Conclusion: The Covid-19 mortality rate in elderly patients tends to be high due to severe complications such as ARDS and hypertension as comorbid diseases. Therefore, further research is needed to manage and prevent the complications of ARDS and its correlation with hypertension.


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