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The governments of Indonesia and Singapore have signed a Flight Information Region (FIR) adjustment agreement on January 25, 2022. FIR is an area used for aviation services and preparedness services provided. With the signing of this agreement, the FIR over the Riau and Natuna Islands, which since 1946 has been controlled by Singapore, was taken over by Indonesia. This article will discuss the opportunities and challenges to signing the agreement. This research will use normative juridical research methods, namely legal research using secondary data through tracing of regulations and literature related to the problem to be studied. The results showed that the signing of the FIR boundary adjustment agreement emphasized the air sovereignty owned by Indonesia as an archipelagic country in accordance with the provisions in the 1944 Chicago Convention and 1982 UNCLOS so that from an economic point of view it added income to Indonesia. On the other hand, there are still problems caused because for lanes in air space below 37,000 feet are still delegated to Singapore for 25 years. Another issue is related to the mastery of technology that Indonesia must continue to develop its technology so that it can take over the entire FIR area.


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